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Today's Botanical Artists
Written by Cora B. Marcus and Libby Kyler

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This book provides insight into the world of botanical art, a genre that did not disappear but has quietly continued to develop and flourish. While older images such as Redoute's roses and Ehret's tulips remain beloved, there are now new artists to cherish and new pictures available, as the art in this volume demonstrates.

Enjoy over 220 images that bring modern techniques and a contemporary eye to a venerable tradition. With prices and artist contact information included, you too can become a patron of this exciting and enduring art.

Size: 11 X 8.5 inches, 160 pages

Pages 114 - 115 Illustrated by Peg (Margaret) Steunenberg

Today's Botanical Artists, Page 114
Today's Botanical Artists, Page 115

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