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The Living Circle

Click here to see an enlarged image of the Living Circle.The Living Circle design to the right is an artistic interpretation of the interdependency in nature between animals and plants. The viewer travels through four of the life zones in one area of California: Riparian, Oak Woodland, Chaparral, and Montane.

Along creeks meandering through Riparian areas, wild grape often grows abundantly and provides a ready food source. In pools, Redlegged Frogs swim and Deer Mice can be found in bankside grasses.

In Spring, lupine adds fresh beauty to the hills of the Oak Woodlands. These plants play host to the Silvery Blue Butterfly providing a food source and a place for the butterfly to lay its eggs. The graceful oaks are host to many animals as well; the California Sister Butterfly makes its home on these leaves.

Higher, the Chaparral area provides a sharp contrast. Often rocky and warm, with shrub vegetation adapted to the terrain, it is home to many members of the reptile family. The Western Fence Lizard is a colorful and entertaining inhabitant and the California Fuchsia, one of the last wildflowers of summer, thrives on dry slopes nearby.

Climbing upward, the elevation demonstrates a montane environment. Temperatures are cooler and sweeping vistas unfold. Rocky escarpments entice Peregrine Falcons to nest high above the reach of man. These regal birds soar many miles from the nest in search of food in the form of small mammals and other birds. Delicate wildflowers, perfectly adapted to this unforgiving landscape, cling to talus slopes and rocky outcroppings.