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Bird and Insect Illustrations

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Stellar Jay Stellar Jay
Hummingbird Sage Hummingbird Sage
Coffeeberry Coffeeberry
California Pipevine California Pipevine
Great Blue (Purple) Hairstreak Great Blue (Purple) Hairstreak
California Pipevine Butterfly Pipevine Butterfly
Sylvan Anglewing (Anterior) Sylvan Anglewing - Anterior and Posterior Views
Buckeye Butterfly

The Buckeye's host plants include monkeyflower, toadflax, owl's clover, snapdragon, and plantain.
California Pipevine and Pipevine Butterfly California Pipevine and Pipevine Butterfly
Peregrine Falcon and Scrub Jay

Peregrine Falcons, majectic birds of prey, inhabit high rocky cliffs in the wild and in urban areas they are sometimes seen on skyscraper ledges. Once on the decline due to pesticide ingestion their population is now stabilizing and they are returning to the skies in increasing numbers. The predation role controls the over-population of other species and helps maintain a balance in the natural world.
The Living Circle The Living Circle
California Butterflies California Butterflies
Redwing Blackbird Nestlings Redwing Blackbird Nestlings
Monarch and Milkweed Monarch and Milkweed
Sunflower Friends Sunflower Friends
Sphinx Moth Sphinx Moth

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