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California Butterflies

California Butterflies

The beauty found in the biodiversity of California is the focus of this artwork. The design represents life cycles in the natural world and the dependency of butterflies on certain plants. These butterflies and their respective host plants are all found in California. The metamorphosis of a butterfly is captivating: from egg to caterpillar, caterpillar to chrysalis, and chrysalis to emerging butterfly the cycle repeats itself.

In the Golden State, as in other states, butterfly populations are decreasing due to loss of habitat as a result of development. It is my hope that interpretive artwork, a kind of biological storytelling, will encourage an awareness of and appreciation for the very special natural heritage we enjoy in California.

Today, we find butterfly gardens growing in popularity; such gardens help offset the butterfly population decline. By planting native host plants among other nectar flowers, butterfly life cycles will increase, pollination will occur, and your own gardening experience will be greatly enhanced.

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